As a curious and passionate tech professional, there is always something going on in my professional life beyond regular work. I tinker with new technologies every now and then, study things out of curiosity, but specially appreciate the opportunity to interact with other likeminded geeks. I've done so in various capacities, from being a member of the board of advisors at other tech startups to building something with a partner for no reason other than the fun of playing with a new concept.

Most recently I became interested in learning more about how universal Android applications (those which support all forms of devices, including cell phones, tablets, watches, cars and TVs) are built. I took the opportunity to learn more about a few important Android frameworks which I hadn't had the opportunity to work with, including Dagger and RxJava. As a result, I built Kite, a music player for the cloud which integrates with Dropbox. It's open-source and available for download at the Play Store.

If you happen to be a likeminded geek and got something cool going on, don't hesitate to reach out.